Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Lite.....

Read books.They are good for us.

Natalie Goldberg

I was on vacation for a few weeks and with vacation comes summer lite reading. What did I reach for when I wanted to lose myself in a book? I read Lynn Kurland. Kurland has several different series but the one I tried was her time-travel Highlander series. I have been a sucker for a good time-travel since I read Diana Gabaldon's the Outlander. Wow...did she take me on a trip back to Scotland in 1743. I also enjoyed Karen Maire Moning's Highlander series, so deciding to read Kurland's was a no-brainer. In the previous books it was usually the woman who accidently ran into a time-traveler and took the trips back, Kurland's series has had the woman and the guy traveling back and forth. The one I started with is With Every Breath. Sunny Phillips is relaxing at home in front of her fire wondering what her future holds and if she will ever find love with a good man when there is a pounding at her front door. When she opens it, it seems her dreams have all come true! There, at her door, is a Highlander- in full medieval regalia telling her she must come with him and he grabs her hand and out the door she goes. Outside her door things have greatly is 13TH century Scotland and the medieval laird has his horse waiting to take her to his castle! It is quite the adventure for Sunny and her Highlander with them coming from different backgrounds, so to speak. Here we have time-travel, romance, backstabbing, love, tears, bad memories....just the kind of book to laze away the summer days with. I liked it, not as much as Gabaldon's or Moning's, but I will pick up another Kurland, after all, summer isn't over yet.
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