Monday, August 18, 2008

Take it Easy......

Every night, I have to read a book,
so that my mind will stop thinking
about things that I stress about.
Britney Spears

'Tis the middle of August, it gets darker a little bit earlier each evening, and it is time to kick back and enjoy the last days and nights of the summer to the fullest. Guess what my suggestion to you is? Settle in with a little light reading that leaves you with a smile when you finish. Here are some that I enjoyed and hope you do too:

Standoff by Sandra Brown

Brown is know for her romance novels but a best kept secret is that she can write a good suspense story. This is one of my favorites. You can read it in one night and you might find you want to-I had to read the entire book because I had to know what happened. You never know when life will toss you a curve ball and how it will change your view of what's important. I plug her suspense novels quite a bit so this secret will be short lived. ( won't smile, but you will be glad you read it!)

Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

Quirky, strange funny little tale of a serial killer who only kills those that deserve it. He should know who deserves it since he works for the police department in Miami, Fl. If you like off-beat, this is a character for you. Enjoy the humor and remember that Dexter is....odd. What can I say? I liked him......

The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love by Joan Medlicott

Meet three wonderful widows who show that life can be better after sixty. Amelia, Grace and Hannah are living in a boarding house in Pennsylvania and are miserable. They take a chance and show that no matter what your age, every day can be a delight and joy. Proof that life is what you make it. I loved the feeling I had when I was done reading it, a smiler.

Julie and Romeo by Jeanne Ray
Laugh out loud hilarious tale of two people, over sixty, Julie and Romeo, who find romance, love, and sex regardless of what obstacles are in the way, which are numerous. Seems there is a long standing family feud, a eighty year old mother, and adult children who have their own idea at how a sixty year old should act. Above all there is love. I laughed so hard reading this book-just wonderful. One of my all time favorites.

Then She Found Me by Elinor Lipman

How is it, you're thirty-six, you have come to terms with the fact you were adopted, you are settled and comfortable with your life, and surprise! Turns out your real mother has decided to become part of your life, is a flamboyant TV talk show host and is determined to change your life. Meet April Epner, see how her life gets turned upside down. Relationships will be what you let them as April discover. Funny, sad and enjoyable. I was happy to pay a visit to the characters in this books and you will be to.....will make you smile.

Crazy for You by Jennifer Crusie

Quinn McKenzie is living the life, teaching at the local school, friends and family who love and support her, and is dating the nicest guy in the world., and bored. How could adopting a dog change things? Quinn isn't bored for much longer-seems there are other people who want that dog and Quinn finds more excitement then she ever expected. Some life changes are just crazy, are a pleasant surprise and work out for the best. Crusie is one of the best at chick lit.

Okay, just a few suggestions to help take it easy the rest of the summer. I hope you enjoy them and have some fun reading some of them, I did---happy reading!

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