Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Little Magic for a Summer Night

Anyone who says they have only
one life to live must not know how
to read a book.
Author Unknown

Garden Spells
Sarah Addison Allen

Here is one of the best way to spend one of those last summer nights; a little whimsy, a little magic, a little enchantment and a lot of love. The Waverley sisters of Bascom NC, have always been as different as night and day. Sidney, the younger sister, left home right after she graduated without a goodbye: she despised everything about Bascom, the house, the magical garden and her sister, while Claire, the older sister, loved everything about it. Claire started a catering business-which quickly became the busiest one around. The main reason for that is the magical garden behind the family home where it is believed that Claire puts a little something magical in her foods that have quite an effect on people. There is also an apple tree that seems to have a mind of its own, tossing apples at people which, when eaten, can cause them to have the most fabulous dream or a horrible nightmare.

Claire has the surprise of her life when one day her sister Sidney shows up with her five-year old daughter,Bay-who Claire didn't even know existed. It's been ten years since the sisters have seen or talked to each other and Claire knows that something happened for Sidney to return home and waits for her sister to tell her. For Bay this is heaven! She falls in love with everything just like her Aunt Claire.

Find out how the Waverley sisters learn to come together, heal the wounds from their past, respect each other and realize that what they give to each other is love. I wanted to spend more time in Bascom with Claire, Sidney and their delightful cast of characters who will make you smile when you're done and leave you feeling good.

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