Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Relax......Start 2009 With a Good Book...

You May Only Have
a Few Minutes Left

Loretta LaRoche

That is the title of LaRoche's book and I love it. I also can't think of any better suggestion to give to everyone as we head into 2009.

Checking out what the "best books" for 2008 it's interesting how many of the same books were on every list. In no particular order, here are some from 2008 that I say....give a try:

Power Makers
Maury Klein
Klein is a business historian and in his book he covers how America became a technological superpower-the "power revolution" and the geniuses who brought it about.

The Night of the Gun
David Carr
Carr's memoir shares his transition from crack addict to columnist for the New York Times; Carr researches his life as an addict by revisiting people he knew and going back to the places he lived. He tells us the effect on himself what it did to his family children and friends., and how he overcame that life. Both funny and heartbreaking.

The Likeness
Tara French
French hit the big time with her debut In the Woods. This is her follow-up and it too is terrific. The interweaving of psychological thriller with Gothic romance is done by one of the best.

What Was Lost
Catherine O'Flynn
Ten year old Kate Meaney is an orphan who hangs out at the Green Oaks mall and observes the shoppers. She carries a little notebook and solves imaginary mysteries and tries to guess the secrets of the shoppers. Kate disappears from the mall in 1984 and never seen again. This is O'Flynn's debut and it combines mystery, suspense and a bit of a ghost story all rolled into one good book.

Ron Rash
Set in the mountains of North Carolina in 1929, George and Serena Pemberton strive to build a timber empire. Full of violence, greed, love, hate and murder...what more could you ask for?

Malcolm Gladwell
I always enjoy Gladwell's books, Blink and The Tipping Point are great and so in this one. This one is all about success, people who become successful-and why-and he will, as always, get you thinking.

The Lost spy
Andrew Meier
Biography of little known American Cy Oggins who became enthralled with communism, became a Soviet spy, and what happened to him. It was an interesting time, the 1920's, and reminds us of the events going on in America and how the young people of that time viewed things.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Steig Larsson
Set in Sweden, another debut that hit big time. Mystery that has corporate corruption, legal thriller, a locked room puzzle and a dysfunctional family! What more could you want?

I asked my co-workers what book they read in 2008 was their favorite and here are some responses I received:

Ian McEwen
Eloquent writing about the time between the two world wars in England. Just when you think you have the ending figured out, you get a surprise.

A Tale of Despereanx
Kate DiCamillo
Based on the movie, a charming tale about a mouse in love with music, books and a princess. Also shows love, trust, forgiveness, bravery and friendship.

Sudden Sea: the Great Hurricane of 1938
R.A. Scott
Suspenseful, well-written account about the hurricane of 1938 and the affect it had on people.

The Outermost House
Henry Beston
Beston chronicles the passing of winter in the Great Nauset Marsh on Cape Cod in 1928. Wonderfully written, deep appreciation for the small wonders in his environment, breathtaking, simple observations that feed the soul. (I know this one is on my 2009 list already!)
What was YOUR favorite book you read in 2008?

Hopefully you will find a book here to grab your interest.
Happy New Year!!

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