Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Donald E. Westlake

Everyone in New York is looking for something.
Once in a while, somebody finds it.

Donald E. Westlake

Donald E. Westlake, aka Richard Stark, aka Edwin Wood, aka Tucker Coe, aka Edwina West, aka........there were many aka's to Donald Westlake and when he died New Years Eve 2008 we lost more then one author. He was 75 years old and had written over 100 books, most of them set in New York City. Westlake had a knack for combining the world's miseries with comic highs and nasty lows and I enjoyed his writing.

I met his character, John Dortmunder, in Bank Shot. Dortmunder sets out to rob a bank but he ends up stealing the whole bank......yes, you read right, he steals the bank and has to hide it on Long Island. I laughed so hard I have made several revisits to see how Dortmunder has been doing over the years.

I know that there are so many new mystery writers, maybe they are considered current, but always remember to visit one of he masters of mystery. Westlake's ( or whatever alias he uses) have humor, strange characters, and touches on the hardships and miseries that his characters have in their lives.

Give yourself a treat and pick up something that Westlake has written under any of his names.

Good stuff. Thank you Mr. Westlake for sharing your view on life with us.

"I believe my subject is bewilderment.
But I could be wrong."

Donald E. Westlake

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